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10 Unrelated Fun Facts About Christi
10 Unrelated Fun Facts About Christi
  1. I love cows.  I was a show cattle mom when my kids were in high school.  I went to work many times with cow.... on my dress shoes.
  2. I love bunnies.  I had a grey house rabbit name Charlie.  And yes, she was potty trained.
  3. I mentored the local high school robotics team for 6 years.  FIRST Team 16 The Bomb Squad.  I worked with the build team because I am fairly mechanically inclined.  
  4. I mentor at the MHHS Career Academies, ACME. (12 years)
  5. I am an artist.  I dabble in many mediums.  I may be a "jack of all trades, and a master of none", but I love to play around.
  6. I am a lifetime learner.  I could take interesting classes forever.
  7. I write for magazines.
  8. My favorite color is Orange (for now).  It was yellow when I was little because that was my mom's favorite color.  This it was red.  Now it is a combination of both.
  9. I have a collection of children's books that were my mom's, aunt's, uncle's, and grandparent's.
  10. I really like power tools and I know how to use them.  I like any sort of gadget too.  
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