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Gourmet Food & Drink
Gourmet Food & Drink



Want to eat great tasting, healthy dishes using herbs and natural flavors instead of salts and chemicals? The Cottage Spicery makes it easy.

Unique handcrafted herb and spice blends.

We put together the finest ingredients available, test them in recipes, adjust and experiment with them, and make sure they will work for any cook. We package them in resealable plastic pouches and fold them up, origami-style, in recycled-content paper envelopes.

Each envelope is custom printed with information about the individual herbs and spices of that combination, with an explanation of some of the healthy benefits of each, useful tips about using the blend, and several recipes specifically designed with that blend in mind -- see the User Friendly Recipes page for examples of some of them. When you are ready to use the blend, just open the seal, unfold ---- for recipes and more info visit the spicy cook @

KYYA Chocolate 

Farm to bar 

Through adventures to cacao farms around the globe, KYYA puts together distinctive chocolate for our customers. KYYA then makes small batches of chocolate with hand-picked single origin beans to highlight the unique flavor profiles.









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