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Most of our furniture is either hand built or refurbished.

 Painted furniture

We have two talented ladies that do most of the faux finished furniture.  

Erica Mize & Valerie Vigil. 

 Interiors marketplace offers a variety of Furniture painting workshops. Fallow us in Facebook, sign up for our newsletter, or check our calendar for upcoming classes . 

   PURE EARTH PAINT is available for purchase for all of your furniture painting needs. 


PURE EARTH PAINT is a high quality caulk paint (not chalk board paint) For cabinetry, walls, trim, artwork, ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber, etc. PEP products are certified by the ASTM as being 100% Zero VOC, non-toxic, and lead free. Our custom paint is one of a kind, with none of our ingredients being purchased from China.


Handmade in the USA by artists striving for a healthy, colorful world.

Go GREEN with us!



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