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Meet The Talent
Meet The Talent


 Valerie Vigil of Tea & Whimsy 

Born in the south, where the only tea was sweet tea (a little tea with your sugar), Valerie got to where she wouldn't drink tea. It wasn't until several years ago in Colorado that she was introduced to Let's Do Tea, a company selling high quality loose leaf tea. "The many varieties and flavors amazed me, not to mention the taste!" As the years passed, Valerie's family had to deal with some major illnesses, and the doctors offered little help. Valerie began to research the health benefits of teas, herbs, and Integrative medicine, and she has become more knowledgable in the alternatives to traditional medicine. Her goal is to do her part and achieve hospitality, health, and happiness one teacup at a time. Stop by The Tea and Whimsy shoppe space and discover the possibilities tea has to offer. Also enjoy handcrafted furniture and home decor created by Valerie and her family.

   Cynthia Martin

of Cottage Spicery

Cynthia starts a home-based, cottage industry producing organic herb and spice blends. Cynthia provides goods that are easy to use whether you're a cooing pro or a kitchen novice-- she provides ideas and healthy recipes with every product.

 Marian Yancey of Windy Ridge Kiln


Marian Yancey first learned wheel-thrown pottery in Hawaii in 1983. She studied with Sally Fletcher-Merchison and others through 1988. Beginning in 2004, she took hand building classes with Deb Mitchell in Yelville, Arkansas. Since that introduction, she has added a wheel class with David Jones in Fayetteville, workshops with Helen Phillips, and many hours of online tutorials offered by some of the best American potter's. Marian has sold her pottery in Hawaii and through several venues in Arkansas. She currently sells exclusively through Interiors Marketplace, holds four-hour workshops at Interiors, and full six-week classes at her home studio upon request.

Alli Wade (colored pencil) 


 Jerry Preator (Watercolor) 




Ron Ufkes (Wood Turning/Carving) 



Laurie Kollins (Silver & Unique Stones Jewelry) 


Paul Bates Of Tag She's It

(Clothing & Accessories) 

A native Arkansan, Paul Bates has always preferred to pave his own way, starting his first business at the age of 16 years old.However as years passed, his motivation for working on anything other than his dreams began to wane. Therefore, during a very dark period of recovery from addiction, Paul started using painting as a form of therapy. He found that he was able to express his emotions through a paint brush. His paintings lure people into a unique world of color, form, emotion, and life. Music is a common theme within his work, and has also been a major healing force in his recovery. Paul recently moved back to Mountain Home for its beauty and tranquility, and the inspiration to pursue his dream as an artist. In the true spirt of entrepreneurship, he is continually finding a new way to display his artwork, which you will find in his line of clothing and accessories. 


 Melinda Hollback

of Bubbly Bubbles

Bubbly bubbles is a small family-run soap company deep in the heart of the Ozarks. They pride themselves on making quality natural products using local ingredients, many coming from their farm. Melinda is the mother of 8 children,3 grandchildren and many critters. In addition to making quality products, we strive to make our customers happy.



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